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Pondering idiomatic English and our use of Google
A toilet paper roll, empty,
A chipped, white Homer Laughlin plate
holding a pink and white electric razor,
and a box of no-brand tissue,
all on a 45-year-old white scarf with
red, orange, and yellow stripes
hand woven in Mexico
on top of a white four-drawer bureau
reflected in a mirror.
Does the reflection disqualify this as a still life?
Is reflection action, or stillness?

There is a lot of light in that reflection, Ma’am.
Light is energy in motion.
Still, it is still, and not alive.

Why do they call it “life” if it is by definition inanimate?

Well, Ma’am, I looked it up on Google and
it just doesn’t say.

If Google doesn’t know, does anyone?

Most likely not. Nope. I don’t think so.

Here is another question. Is it a still life
if presented solely in language,
and in the reflection of course?

Google says, “even pen and pencil can create a still life piece. “

Great! But
I gave the toilet paper roll to the birds.
They put life into it by tearing it off in even
one half inch wide strips which they tucked under a wing
then flew to put it in their nests
but dropped on the way.
Now that it is shredded and dropped
all animation is gone, so we have a
still life without toilet paper roll.
Do you think it will sell?

I’ll check Google, Ma’am.

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