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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2277224
This is a new take on the origin story of the Beast of Gévaudan.

The Origins of the Beast

"Hey old man, we heard that you were here for the attack of the beast of Gaudan?" says the young boy flocked by a group of friends, standing over the older figure looking down upon his ragged, unkept appearance.

"Take a seat and I will tell you the story," the older man replies, as the children sit around him, causing him to rest his back upon the fountain in the city center.

This story starts many years ago, Pierre Laurent left Gaudan and set out to join the British Navy. Not born of noble blood, he knew from a very early age that he was going to have to work hard to secure a status amongst the ranks of officers in the Royal Navy. That opportunity presented itself sooner than Pierre had expected when he jumped off of his ship during a horrible rainstorm saving his Admirals life. Word got back to the Queen of his courage, and just 7 years later he was Captaining his own ship.

This is where the story takes a strange turn. While on an expedition to the new world, Pierre and his crew found themselves on a peaceful blue sea. Not a storm cloud in sight, the ocean was as flat as a sheet for miles around. That's when they saw him. A man. Skin of burnt umber, hair which upon the ocean looked like black cloth clinging to his face and head. Pierre jumped into the ocean and with the help of his crew, recovered the man's lifeless body.

The stories surrounding how this man ended up in the middle of the ocean range from him being a slave that fell off a ship traveling to the Americas on the middle passage, to him being some type of being from the lost city of Atlantis, due to his piercing blue eyes and his almost lionistic facial features. However, none of this kept Pierre away from him. Once he was able to speak, the stranger gave his name, Badru. Things got creepier with Badru as they realized that he could speak and read multiple languages. He and the Captain became fast acquaintances. As soon as the crew realized that he was more help than hindrance, assisting during deadly storms, and expeditions, they too began to trust Badru, and had no concerns about his closeness with the Captain.

After about a year onboard, Pierre and his crew were given permission to make a port stop in celebration of Pierre being promoted to Admiral. Pierre could think of no place more worthy of this celebration than his hometown of Gaudan. Traveling into the Mediterranean Sea, Pierre figured it would be best to dock in the Gulf of Lion, and travel to Gaudan by horseback, with he and Badru traveling by carriage. Once they set anchor and the arrangements were made, they were off. Tales of his exploits had reached his hometown; his parents were proud. Even despite the rumors of him having a strange male lover. The moment the carriage hit the bustling street, Pierre, and his crew knew exactly what the people were waiting to see. Pierre emerges from the carriage as gallant as they had remembered. Shorter coiffed hair and hazel eyes adorn his sweet face as he sees his mother, picking her up, and spinning the older woman around. He then looks back at the carriage.

"It is safe to come out my love. These are my people," Pierre exclaims.

Badru emerges, and he looks exactly as he is described in writing, 6 ft 2, burnt umber skin, piercing blue eyes, and as he removes the hood from his cloak, he takes his hand through his mane. The crowd gasps. You can hear people talking about how beautiful he is, others just walk away in disgust. Pierre's mother says nothing. She walks over to him, places her soft wrinkled hands upon his face, and smiles. Pierre rejoices, "LET US REJOICE! I AM AN ADMIRAL!" The crowd erupts in cheers. However, Pierre had no idea that this night would change his entire life.


During the witching hours a pain came over Badru. He heard a guttural scream come from beyond the castle, "Pierre". He puts on nothing but a pair of slacks as he runs to his lover, who by the time he reaches him, is no longer screaming. His limp lifeless body hangs from a tree, the bodies of his fallen comrades slaughtered about his feet, the sight causes Badru to fall to his knees. Some of the towns men that he watched walk away in disgust emerge from the trees, causing Badru to take off running. As Badru runs, he can feel something in his body changing, his bones begin to break, and he changes amongst a field of trees.

It was said that night, while Badru was on his knees, he summoned a shapeshifting spirit. What I know to be true is that over 80 men, women, and children's bodies riddle the streets of Gaudan. The small river by the cathedral ran red with their blood.

"But did you see the creature?" asked one of the young boys.

"I did, it spared my life," the older man replied. "I could hear the screams all around the town as the creature pounced, as if on the wind, killing everything in sight. I heard the priest beg everyone to the chapel, but as people ran, the beast picked them off one by one until the chapel doors slammed shut. I was in my room in a woven basket when the creature came for me. When it reached the closet, its shadow darkened the space like night. It smelled around, and I knew it could hear my breathing and heart beating, but it rushed out."

"Whatever happened to Badru?" asks a young girl as she begins to stand helping the old man

"To this day no one knows."

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