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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Emotional · #2277231
Written for the most amazing woman ever!
In my darkest days,
I found you,
A gift on so many levels,
A treasure to hold true.

Around you, I get lost in time,
You've stolen my heart and made it whole again.
The dark days are now so bright,
Baby, you are my shining light.

Ain't got much in life,
but damn, baby...
With you, I feel like I got all the luck.
You've got me soaring to new heights.

Want to shout to the heavens every day,
Just how much I love you,
How much you make my life better,
How I want forever.

Somedays, there is so much I want to say,
To you, to tell you just what you mean to me,
Never finding the right words,
Because how do you really explain perfection?

Something so amazing,
Something so true,
Something that feels like this,
Baby, you just blow me away.
God, I love you!

Happy Birthday, Melissa! I love you baby.
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