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by Alexi
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Sci-fi · #2277263
The final ship leaves a ruined Earth. Alien lifeforms threaten the lives of all on board
Hi, this is Alexi, the writer. I've been a little under the weather as of late so my story and poetry writing has been a little slow. This took me longer than it should have to write and it's not very edited but I wanted to get it our there while I'm stuck in bed. I mainly am writing this because too many queer live stories are written by straight women and I'm a queer man. I also wanted to try my hand at writing sci-fi. It's not finished but I hope to update it soon. Without further ado, happy reading.


Space, it envelopes all that is, was, and ever shall be, and the Abyss, what is not, was not, and will never be spoken of…

Aboard the Deep Aurora, the last, dying hope of humanity, left their natal planet system and traveled into the beyond in hopes of reaching the last human civilization among the stars. On the ship were twelve brave souls, escaping from an Earth that could not be salvaged. Among them were scientists, doctors, and mercenaries alike, hopeful to find a home, a final salvation in the vastness of space.


From the air vents, a half formed figure fell. He was a rather handsome man, with luminous brown eyes, and hair a vibrant red, if only it was not for the blood of the former host’s body that had soaked his skin. No longer did Caelum Madder’s identity belong to him, as he was slowly absorbed completely. Caelum Madder’s name now belonged to the creature that became him, body and all, and soon, other crew members would be consumed as well.

It was inevitable, for out here, humans no longer reigned supreme.

Caelum was absorbed until only a small pile of items were left. The new Caelum processed what few components of memory it had been able to gain before all other data was lost, turned into nutritional supplementation for the creature.

It’s name was Caelum Madder, born on Earth, position: mercenary aboard the Deep Aurora, sex: male, subject was in good health at time of absorption. From deep inside it felt as if an image flickered inside it briefly before the feeling subsided.

Caelum stood and peered at the collection of items at his feet. One black uniform with communication gear, one identification tag hung on a steel chain for body identification, one identification chip for security access to areas aboard the Aurora, two black rubberized boots made for tactical usage, and one black cord previously used to hold back Caelum’s hair in a tight knot. Caleb reassembled the gear that had formerly been on the original host and carefully put on each one to complete his assimilation process. For now, his position would be as scout until others of his kind could safely assimilate and harvest the DNA from remaining host bodies.

Carefully, this new Caelum tried to walk. Its boots were large and its feet clumsy as he made his way down the corridor in stumbling steps. As it turned the corner it bumped into a shorter host creature making it run into a wall. It growled at the electric buzz in its new body.

“Caelum are you drunk again?” The host said angrily. It could understand what the creature was implying. Apparently the Caelum before was known to ingest large amounts of the issued alcohol on the ship. The host creature seemed annoyed by this behavior. Caelum growled again at the host creature. It did not like them.

With great care, Caelum righted himself again and continued down the corridor. In a low voice, Dr. Lovebird spoke into her communicator.

“Blue, I’m going to need your assistance again today. Caelum is drunk again and seems to be acting strange. Keep an eye on him if you can. I hope he hasn’t started mooching off the isopropyl alcohol in my office after we shut him off, I already told him the risks, but you never know with those mercenary types.”

“On it.” A crackling voice on the other end replied. Dr. Lovebird smiled and waved to one of the mounted cameras. In the security room blue smiled back at her on the fuzzy screen. What he did not know was that if that camera had been adjusted to point around the corner, half an hour earlier he would have witnessed the gruesome murder of Sgt. Caelum Madder by an unknown life form.


Blue Yonder was a fair young man, with waves black hair that curled around his large, black, heavy lidded eyes. He shifted in his seat, reviewing prior footage of Caelum, but ever since they boarded, the man had a knack for staying out of the range of the few cameras they had installed. Honestly, he believed the man disliked him. It was more often than not, his alcohol portion that seemed to go missing every month.

Blue only sighed at this but at least it kept Caelum out of doctor’s medical equipment. He had once had a friend back on Earth who went blind drinking bathtub moonshine. The boy didn’t last long after being forced to leave his assignment. A sad, but not too uncommon occurrence at the time. Luckily, as Blue finished his checks, it did not seem that Caelum had gotten that desperate yet.

Blue, got up and cracked his back. He had to go find Caelum now, and make sure he wasn’t picking any fights with equipment if he really was drunk. It was Blue’s job to keep up the ship’s maintenance after all. That was the only reason he had been chosen to survive aboard their tiny vessel.


The stars burned violently outside in the vast nothingness, as the ship sped along in the cosmic tide. It was hard to see from inside the ship, due to the interior lights, but they were being watched.

The cosmos is a dangerous place. Though the crew believed themselves lucky to have been sent aboard their mission, dangers completely unknown to those inside now lurked among them. They could not stay blind forever.


Caelum nearly stumbled again when another host creature came up to him and caught him. Caelum growled again, but all he received was a huff as the young man struggled under his weight. Blue… a name came to mind.

“Christ, you’re heavy.” Blue panted, Caelum did not seem to care as he stared blankly at his face, instead it almost seemed as if he was letting all his weight lean on him. Blue glared at the cocky mercenary.

This host creature was different from the one he had met before, and did not seem keen on letting him go. Caelum watched as the creature's face scrunched. It looked silly to him. Now that was a strange concept.

“Come on Caelum, we need to get you to bed if you're really that far gone.” Blue told him as he tried to coax one foot forward. Caelum took a step and Blue sighed in relief as if he had managed to accomplish a Herculean task.

“Thank you.” He said, though his words did not match his eyes. He swore if Dr. Lovebird had not been so kind to him on this journey, there was no way he would have been making such a fool of himself over something like this. He was a respectable member of the crew damn it.

Slowly, but surely, they continued their pace one step at a time into the bowels of the ship. It was much easier learning to walk with another host helping him, Caelum thought, as he continued to lean heavily on Blue despite being the second tallest on board the entire ship. Blue was mumbling a steady stream of curses under his breath. Then he stopped in front of an electronic door. Blue held out his hand expectedly. Caelum looked confused for a second before placing his hand on top of Blue’s outstretched one. Almost immediately Blue hit it away, too tired for these drunken games.

“Your scanner chip. I need to open the door to your room. I’m not trying to hold your hand.”

Caelum grunted. He remembered the chip that had been on the original Caelum’s body and reached into his uniform’s pocket to retrieve it. That surely must have been what the surly host creature wanted. He placed it carefully in Blue’s hand, testing his fine motor skills. He nearly missed the first time, which made Blue roll his eyes, but on the second attempt he was much better at controlling his hand and wrist. He dropped the chip into the waiting palm.

Caelum internally congratulated himself on a job well done. Blue was less enthusiastic. He took a moment to swipe the chip correctly then hulled Caelum back up onto his shoulder.

“In you go buddy,” Blue said, carrying him through the entryway.
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