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It's a bright, well-loved color. What would we do without it?

You yella?

Gelb, amarelo, zheltyy, jaune. There's a word for this particular color in every language on earth, if for no other reason than the fact that good ol' Sol pops his head up above the horizon every single day almost everywhere on the planet (and even when he doesn't, like during the weeks before and after the winter solstice at or above those really cool latitudes, you know he's still out there). Without this color, our archbuddy Roy G. Biv - meteorological phenomenon extraordinaire - would have a different first name. I'm referring, of course, to the color yellow.

With a different German word, you might not score 8 points in their version of Scrabble. With a different English word, a certain Texas Panhandle city would be called something else. And how would medical staff describe a newborn's color as s/he lies under a bilirubin light, were it not for France's contribution to this portion of the color palette? What color snow would we warn people about? The U.S. Army's Institute of Heraldry would certainly have its work cut out for it, coming up with new descriptions for multitudes of ribbons and insignia, as well as eight current Branch Colors.

Yellow has truly completely infiltrated our collective consciousness. Without it, Donovan's singing about being called something else, and that soft drink wouldn't have the same name, either (the minor difference in spelling notwithstanding). Fortunately, even if that Swiss electronic music band Yello (yes, it's missing the 'w') had had a different name, it probably wouldn't have affected its contribution to such film classics as Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Secret of My Success, and Uncle Buck; namely, Oh Yeah  .

Last, but by no means least, without the color yellow, the newest additions to the Preferred Author ranks here on WDC would have a different name for their new port case color, and the congratulatory comments in a boatload of cNotes would have to be edited.

So, if someone should holler "Hey, you! Yella?" at you, you can just smile and holler back, "Yup! Love that color!"
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