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by Alexi
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An absurd and high horse poem meant to answer the question of why I chose to get up.
A silly acrostic poem written by a silly little ape, on our silly little Earth.


Humanity: an eight letter word that angry evil apes bestowed upon themselves as they killed each other on their little planet of mud and manure.

Ultimately, they will not last like the stars that flicker in the darkness of the light polluted nights.

Man was perhaps a mistake made by a cosmic gambler with the roll of the dice.
And thus here I am in the midst of humanity, a single evil and angry ape.

And thus here I am in the midst of humanity, a single evil and angry ape.

Night comes, and tonight I cannot sleep like the thousands of others that wait in the darkness till the morning breaks the horizon.

I am simply an amalgam of my birth, environment, memories, and dreams, wrapped in flesh that carries the marks that brand me as having lived.

This world of mud and manure is scary, lonely, and so complex that I gave up years ago trying to make sense of it.

Yet, I chose to live as part of it, because through the pain, and hardships, and stupidity, is a humanity which absurdly chooses to exist among the ruins and live to see that good dawn break despite the ever coming night.
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