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For the July 2022 Entry in "The Whatever Contest - Pop-Up Event for Preferred Authors.
*Right*"The Whatever Contest -- Closes Oct. 2

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Yellow roses, a yellow dress, and many yellows; are a great match for your promotion. You're a Preferred Author now. To match your wardrobe, yellow suitcases would be nice. Mmmm, you look lovely today. I can give yellow roses to other black case members to offer them encouragement in their writing. They can become yellow suitcases. This will give them confidence by seeing the smiles on their faces. A yellow rose means that they went from an Author to a Preferred Author.

Accept the color yellow. You become a raving beauty when you hold your yellow bouquet, wear your yellow dress, and travel with your yellow suitcases.

The men would wear yellow suits, yellow ties, and yellow shoes; they would also have yellow suitcases. My, how dressed up and handsome you look! They're all decked up. They have now become Preferred Authors. For a job well done, give yourself a pat on the back. You worked hard for this, so rise up and take a bow.

When we go to Relaxation, Comfortland, a resort where everything is yellow, we will need some yellow pens to do our writing. With breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, there's enough land to ride yellow horses and ponies. Yellow brings about a softness that mellows us out. Nothing else can bring you this much comfort. It will put you in a contentious mood. It will lift you up to a new level of emotions; you will always feel better about yourself. You will develop a lighter spring in your step; your joy will easily spread to others.

You'll be able to relax in a spa designed especially for you. Having pleasant thoughts will become your mantra. You'll be presented with a brand new yellow car as a big bonus. You'll be driving up to a nice palace where you'll be walking down a yellow carpet and be presented with a special award. This will be in recognition of being a Preferred Author and be crowned with jewels of sparkling yellow stones.

What's up with the color yellow? It shows up many times in this story. The color yellow has many uses that it represents. It has its own distinction. All of the Preferred Authors should be proud. We sure have come a long way. Another suggestion, perhaps, is to wear a yellow cap and gown when you receive your yellow diploma. When I graduated from high school, I wore a yellow cap and gown. Due to the traumas I experienced that year, I came close to not graduating. I was determined to graduate; it meant a lot to me. On my way to graduation, there was a car accident on the road. The auditorium was very hot. If it wasn't for my friend to walk me down the aisle, I might not have made it. Graduation wouldn't have happened at all if my friend hadn't given me the work assignments that were due. I appreciated all her efforts. Purple and gold were our school colors. I was proud to be a member of the Pep Club. It wasn't long before the Pep Club had folded up. I heard that it was because the cheerleaders thought that it was too much competition for them. When I heard that, it surprised me. At a basketball game, while I was handing out fliers, I had to say that donations were accepted. I remember a classmate coming up to me with a surprised look on her face. I found out that she thought I said, "The nations accepted". A little bit of humor there. If we would've heard that on the news today, can you imagine what everyone would've thought? If we could put our rage away and be kind to each other, in my opinion, this would be awesome! When people have to use harsh language in order to get their point across, it hurts me. They don't have to be unkind or put people down. It's very cruel when they do this.

Yellow roses, a yellow dress, and many yellows are good colors to get decked up for. Wouldn't it be worth it to put a smile on your face? It's a grand occasion to do so; you're all worth it. Yellow roses are very beautiful to look at. All of us are special, they let you know that. It's okay, don't feel bad. Give yourself a hand. Be proud of yourself. We've done a magnificent job. Relax. Unwind. Be Yourself. It's our way of being a shining light; a beacon to the world, the universe, and the planet we live on.

Is everyone ready? Get out that yellow microphone; it's time to give a speech. Ready, Set, Go, or if you prefer, One, Two, Three. How can we make this interesting? Let's share about our beginnings and how we became interested in writing. What made us want to become an author? What made us want to continue? How did we hear about Writing.Com? Who was our inspiration? When we got promoted to a Preferred Author, how did that make us feel? Get the idea? Now let's provide some entertainment. Let's do some karaoke together. Who knows when we'll come out with our own special CD? While we're at it, we'll do some dancing. We'll have a great time with a whole lot of fun. We're now in the spotlight. Enjoy yellow as your favorite color. It's time to show what we've got. By supporting one another, our friendships will remain intact. We'll make special yellow ribbons for us to wear proudly. Encouraging others to join us, we'll have a picnic in the park, if we can do it, they can too.

About the journey that we've been on, let's show our excitement by jumping in the air. All right gang, let's all clap together, tap our feet, and sing our song. We're now yellows, all our ladies and nice young fellows. We've made it through the valleys, and we've conquered all our fears. We made it! We're Preferred Authors after all. Let's celebrate our victory with pom poms and graffiti. With loads of fun and laughter, we'll stick together through the ups and downs, bringing good cheer to those we hold dear. Our dreams have come true, no need to feel blue. Have no fear, the Yellows are here! Hip-Hip Hooray, our work will be on display. Welcome to Writing.Com. We welcome you with open arms and hugs.

1000 Words, 55 Lines
Prose: Non-Fiction

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
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