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Describing the indescribable
Your Eyes, Through Mine

For someone who is never at a loss for words you said something to me the other night - as we sidled up to the bar to fetch a drink to slow our racing pulses - that left me dumbfounded and utterly speechless. You mentioned, with a palpable tinge of disappointment, that you’d never known me to have complimented your eyes. I recall some additional subterfuge commentary about how complementing one’s eyes is code for “come home with me tonight” but that aside, let me elaborate.

Put simply, it’s difficult to describe your eyes succinctly or in mere words. They are layered, faceted and complex, like a kaleidoscope constantly changing depending on the light, color of your shirt, tone of your skin or even your mood. Multiple shades blend effortlessly with just a bit of tension when some hues choose to dominate.

There are hints of brown reflecting the breadth of your experiences, from the mundane to the spectacular, flecks of coal punctuating moments of deep pain. Sometimes, swaths of green as verdant as our northwest pines command attention as if to shout: “I’m here!” “I’m alive!” “I’m grateful!” But mostly it’s the shades of blue; at once captivating, mysterious and deep as the ocean yet hopeful, bright and infinite as the sky mirrored above.

So here it is, my dear one, my feeble attempt to describe something that defies the boundaries of language while invoking a physical reaction so intense it simply takes my breath away.

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