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by Misty
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Being positive towards myself
Positive self-talk

How to be positive and change the way you think about things, it is called positive self-talk. Influencing your thought process by changing the thinking process. If negative comes into your head just tell those nasty thoughts to beat feet. As scattered brined as I am and knowing that I get those negative thoughts in my head I still try to stay positive. Life has its bad moments and also good ones as well. Find phrases and words that are positive and tell yourself that each day at least once a day.

My positive words:

- Beautiful
- Worthy
- Trustworthy
- Outgoing
- Sweet
- Smart
- Funny

I find that using these words on a daily basis will help reduce the negative and turn it into more positive thinking. Why do positive self-talk? It is to rewire the thought process and lessen the stress on it and make more positive thinking flow through it. It is like how your blood flows through your veins you want positive thinking flowing through your brain. I know how hard it is to be positive especially when you have had so much negative influence in your life. People can be extremely cruel to one another and most the time when one is struggling with their own lives, they see that you are doing good and are happy with life that they will try to ruin it for you just so that way they can see you as miserable as they are. It is a shame that people can do this to people just to make them self's feel better. I know this firsthand from other people saying and doing things to try to drag me down and make me look like the bad person because they are miserable with themselves. Here lately I have been down and out and that is due to the fact that I haven't gotten to talk to my kids in over a year. I have tried and tried to stay positive and keep positive self-talking myself, but it hasn't been working to well. Some of my negative thoughts that go through my head are that I am a failure because I am not with my kids like I am supposed to be, but I turn my thinking around and tell myself that I am not a failure because I was just struggling and needed help. Looking on the bright side of things I am doing amazing and getting all the help that I need.

Positive things I am doing:

- Taking my medication
- Counseling
- Not drinking
- Cooperating with the courts
- Trying to reach out too my kids
- Taking care of myself
- Writing instead of lashing out
- Controlling my anger
- Focusing on what needs to be done
- Going to the doctors

Being positive keeps you on the right path in life. Going through treatment has taught me a lot about being positive and finding ways to cope with everyday life without having to pick up a drink. Somedays are ok and somedays are not. It is like when I get cravings and want to drink, I have to remind myself of how bad it was when I was drinking and the outcome of it. I have to tell myself on a daily basis that I am way better off when I am not drinking compared to when I am drinking and intoxicated. Drinking got me into a lot of trouble, and I have also done some pretty stupid shit as well that I am not proud of. Getting into trouble and going to jail was my least favorite thing of all when I drank and also fighting with people. See when I drink, I get more depressed and bring up the past. Dwelling on it while drinking isn't ever good because than I start being hateful and very mean to people that care about me. have been to jail twice both times for the same reason and that was DV ASSAULT 4 which one of them got dropped to a disorderly conduct charge But it will always be on my record. Like I said these are things that I am not proud of and I have learned from my past mistakes. I need to make better judgements and that means being coherent and alert and not all kinds of tipsy either.

Positive things I tell myself:

- I am smart
- I am amazing
- I am worth it
- I am a good mom
- I am funny
- I am outgoing

The more positive you stay the easier things will get for you. One of the things that keeps me positive is my man. He has been my main support system and has literally lifted my spirits up. He has such a positive outlook on life and who I am as a person as well. He always knows the right things to say to keep me in a positive mood and works really hard at keeping my mind going in the positive direction. He is especially good at it when he sees me struggling and fighting hard to keep positive, Let's see how many of you can come up with positive things to say about yourself.

We are all in this together and we are never alone. It is hard to stay positive when you feel like you have no one to stand by your side. I know how hard it is to struggle with being positive especially when you have had nothing but negative happen in your life. When it comes to people lifting your spirits up it can be hard as well because of the not believing what they have to say. So, let's put our negative feelings and thoughts on the back burner and learn how to positively build each other up. I think that will make a world of difference and you will come out on top. Being in recovery it will be hard, but we have to fight it every day. Don't ever let anyone break you down and make you feel less of a person because of mistakes that you have made. We are all human and far from perfect, we should love one another and have big open hearts to heal each other and not tear each other down. Smile because you desrve it and stay positive. We got this
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