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Just an abandoned yellow bag in an airport.
The Yellow Bag

Written for The Whatever Contest


Write no more than 1000 words about/with/using (but not in lol) the color yellow.
There are 2 options: Fiction and Nonfiction. You can submit 1 entry for each. The color yellow must be a dominant theme, word, idea, etc. in your writing.

         They say you should be wary of packages left unattended in an airport. That's why the yellow bag caught my attention that day in Chicago O'Hare. I was sitting on the floor next to where I could plug in my laptop. It was just an ordinary yellow paper shopping bag with large daisy print sitting partially under one of the chairs in the waiting area for Gate 17A. There was a newspaper on the chair.
         I tried to ignore it. I was trying to write a story about a fish for my publisher. He said his daughter liked fish. All I could envision was yellow fish with big daisy print. I couldn't describe anything for my illustrator. No other color would come to mind. Yellow fish swam in a yellow pond with yellow foliage.
          I looked up and the bag was still sitting there. The newspaper still laid on the chair.
         I closed my laptop and put it in the case. I thought about going to the counter and reporting the bag. I would feel foolish if it was nothing.
         I went over to the chairs and tried to look casual as I sat next to the newspaper. I glanced around to see if anyone was watching. I bent over to peer into the bag, putting my hand on the newspaper.
         The announcement startled me. "Flight 229 to Atlanta now boarding at Gate 17A."
         That was my flight. Without thinking I picked up the newspaper and got in line.
         As I sat in my aisle seat, the paper slid out from under my arm. It landed on the floor with the front page open. It was a newspaper from September the 12th, 2001. There was a picture of the towers burning.
         Blazen across the page in bold yellow strokes was a message:

         We Should Have Gone With the Chicago Plan!!!

Word count 313
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