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Free at Last for Writing com
Free at Last

One day Jason Lee
When he was 18 years old,
Fell asleep and had a vision
That haunted him for years.

He found himself riding a magic carpet
Flying high over trees and mountains.
Flying with the wind,
Felt as free as the birds.

Landed outside a bar
Walked inside and had a drink
Everyone in the bar was aliens
Dressed in silver space suits.

They looked at him
And he ran outside
Got back on his flying carpet
And found himself back home.

He got up, wrote down
His astral projection dream.
Which haunted him
for the rest of his life.

Loosely based on a true experience

Write a story or poem about What would it feel like to float in the air, become tossed by the wind, hover, and swoop like a bird?

Include the following words in bold


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