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The world is too much with me sometimes.
The load of life is heavy on my soul
The push and press of every constant choice
The dull demand of every social role
The screech and scream of each competing voice
Dim and deaden any sense of worth
Pulverize and pound me to the earth

Could I but cut the ties that bind me down
To float and leave both weight and woes behind
To drift in air like dandelion down
To traipse o’er trees and mountains with the wind
To send my spirit mounting up and high
To swoop and soar like birds in azure sky

But I am bound to earth and rock and soil
Joined to job and debt and daily grind
Encased in expectations, bound by toil
My every thought and act so tightly twined
By social sanctions that I am contrite
That I should even dare to dream of flight.

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