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by lee.
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Lost who I was. Finding my way back.
I lost me in the randomness of pleasing you My sole purpose wrapped in your delight
When I lost my smile, I don't recall
The goofiness and laughter died to your displeasure
I purposed to live for the animals who loved me unconditionally.
One by one the purpose was replaced with emptiness
Raw from the void, and aching to be the light in your eyes again, I wailed against the floor.
Desperate to feel the smallest relief.
Denied reprieve with dark, lifeless eyes, and a sneer.
Relentless nightmares with heart wrenching screams and guttural cries, waking in paralyzing fear.
Life no longer mine, the ghost of us haunted the remains.
Decay rotting what tried to survive.
Inside the walls of this heart lay the pieces that I was able to salvage.
I have found myself in the wreckage.
The character, I once thought broken.
The love, I thought hopeless.
It's me. It's been me all along.
I am the rising of the Phoenix from ash of destruction.
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