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Water Refusniks for Writer's Cramp


To combat the mega drought
The governors of the Western State alliance
Bans washing cars outside
Bans watering plants in gardens
Mandating installation of water harvesting systems
And closing down swimming pools.

Thousands of water refuseniks
As they call themselves
Refuse to comply
Claiming the mega drought
Is it a liberal socialist communist hoax

In response the government orders
The arrest of the refuseniks
Who refuses to go quietly
Many of whom are heavily armed

There are gun battles
Between the refuseniks
And the police trying to enforce
The hated water bans.

Gardens, parks, and lawns
Turn brown in the relentless heat
And many burn up in the massive fires.

And hundreds of children and old people
Die when there are massive brownouts
Shutting down air conditioning
Amid the worst heat wave
In modern history.

Bold the answers!

News broadcast is telling you that you have to be aware of the drought - you are not allowed to wash your car, nor fill the bath outdoors in which the children love to play during warm summer days. And you are not allowed to water your plants and trees in your garden.

Answer these questions:
Answer these questions:
1: What happens when you decide to wash your car outdoors?
2: What is the effect of not watering the plants and trees in your garden?
3: Is there an option for the children to cool down?

Bold the answers!
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