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You think the danger is in your prisons?
You think the danger
Is in your prisons?
You think the danger
Are your criminals?
You think I'm dangerous
Holding this knife and gun?

The danger is in your news;
On your television screen.
The danger is in your cell phone,
In the radio and music,
The danger is in your books,
In your bedtime stories and schools
The danger is in your church
In where you're putting your faith.

Your idols telling you lie after lie
Building walls in your mind
With their words and their lies.
The danger is in your movies,
The violent scenes burning
Into your children's mind.

You think it ain't hurting you?
Hurting how you're living?
Hurting how you're feeling?
Hurting how you're thinking?
Hurting how you're believing?
Hurting how you're seeing?

You could be a different person,
You are only who you are
By the media and world that raised you,
By all the lies that you live by
You could be on a different path,
Living a different kind of life.

You could be free and in control,
You could be taking action
Instead of always just reacting
To the world that surrounds you.
Set yourself free and burn all your bridges
And your Bibles and school books.
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