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Part 3 of the story. This time, in Sam’s perspective.
I wanted to switch it up a bit so this time it’ll be Sam’s point of view. Over time, it’ll shortly switch to Tom’s POV. This is a direct continuation from part 2.

Now I don’t think I’ve gone over this in detail yet, but Sam is generally a really quiet and mature girl. She expresses her feelings calmly and never yells or breaks character. That why Tom likes her so much.


[There was a slimy mess of semen on me… Tom made me feel incredible and I was genuinely shocked at how good he was at this stuff.]

Sam: Ngghh~…

Tom: Guess I’ll have to carry you huh?

Sam: Seems so…

[I had Tom carry me to the bath. The semen would fall all over the floor if I were to just walk there.]

[I rolled my hair into a bun and stepped into the bath. We then took a bath and stepped into the hot tub.]

Tom: Man this feels nice…

Sam: It’s very relaxing….

Sam: I’m surprised Tom. Where did you get the money for this apartment?

Tom: I’ve been saving. A lot.

Sam: Is that so…

[I suddenly remembered that we just had sex earlier. The hot tub was so relaxing I didn’t notice.]

Sam: *Blushing*

[My cheeks went red from remembering. But I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to calm myself.]

[As I calmed down and opened my eyes, Tom looked at me.]

Sam: Tom? Do you need anything?..

Tom: I mean… your cheeks are red sooo…..

Sam: *Sigh* I guess I need to conceal it better…

Tom: You know you can just ask me.

[Tom caught me. I calmed down for Tom’s sake so that I wouldn’t tire him out, but I guess I was wrong about that.]

Tom: We just took a bath too… guess we’re gonna have to clean ourselves again…

Sam: But didn’t you also want it?

Tom: *Blushes* Y-yeah whatever…

[I was just playing with Tom. I never expected he would want it too since it’s usually me who starts all this.]

[Before I could say another word though, Tom grabbed my knees and split them apart.]

Sam: In the tub?

Tom: Yeah. Why not? I wanna try something new.

Sam: Isn’t it going to be harder to move though? Not to mention we’re also going to have to clean the bath as well…

Tom: We can worry about that stuff later.

[Tom then stuffed his penis into my butt… before I could say anything…]

Sam: Oogghh~~…..

[Since Tom was splitting my legs apart, my penis was in full view. It grew the more Tom shoved his into me.]

Tom: Phew… you were right… it is kinda hard… It makes a great workout….

[It went all the way in. I could feel it bumping my prostate. My penis was fully erect by this point and my cheeks tingled.]

Sam: Haaaah~~…. Nggghh~~….

Tom: *Looks away*

Sam: What’s… aaah~~… wrong~~~?…..

Tom: You’re really erotic… you know that?

Sam: My…. Such nice compliments from my boyfriend~~…

Tom: S-stop that…

Sam: *Giggles*

[Tom continued to thrust into me.]

Sam: Ooogh~~~….

[It was difficult to move in the water but Tom still delivered his penis to me nonetheless.]

Sam: Nghhh~~~~!…. Aren’t you tired~~~?….

Tom: Don’t worry, this is nothing.

Sam: If you say so~~…..

[I looked down to see my penis waving side to side from Tom’s thrusting. This has always been the case when Tom has sex with me but I was ridiculously erect. My penis was as stiff as a board.]

Sam: Aaaaah~~~….

[The pleasure was adding and I was reaching my climax.]

Sam: Oh w-wow~~~…. I might actually cum from this~~~….

Tom: Really?

Sam: Y-yeah~~~….

[I could feel it. My semen was climbing up to the tip inside my penis. I couldn’t hold it in.]

Sam: Hnngh~~~~!! C-Cumming~~~~~!!!……

[I released yet another massive load, this time, in the hot tub. The strands of semen floated in the water. The last drop was stuck onto the tip of my penis. I was out of breath.]

Tom POV: [Once I took it out, I could see Sam displaying her sexy body. Her semen strands floated in the hot tub. It looked as if she wanted more.]

Sam POV: [As I caught my breath, I looked up at Tom and started to blush. Why? I didn’t know why either. I guess Tom had really grown on me. I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to cuddle him like a teddy bear, but I was just too shy to do it back then.]

Sam: S-sorry~~… aaah~~… for getting the tub messy~~…..

Tom: It’s fine! I would even like to bathe in your semen if I could!

Sam: *Steps out of tub*

[I could still feel the sensation of Tom’s penis in my anus. Thinking of it kept my penis nice and hard.]

Tom: Sam. You’re still hard… don’t tell me you..

Sam: N-no no! I know you’re tired so-

[Tom then hugged and kissed me. We both fell onto the floor and did “it” again.]

Sam: I said you didn’t have to~…. We’re going to be sore after this…

Tom: As long as you want it, I’ll always do it for you.

Sam: [My heart started to race and my cheeks started to burn. Before I could even think, I smooched Tom furiously.]

Tom POV:

[Sam started to kiss and lick my mouth instantly. I was surprised but I went with it.]

[As Sam ran out of breath, she opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out. She was breathing heavily. An ooze of saliva traveled to the tip of her tongue and fell on my chest. She was so damn cute.]

Sam POV:

Sam: S-sorry… I know that was sudden-

Tom: *Hugs*

Sam: T-Tom?…

Tom: You know… I’ve always wanted to cuddle you like a little teddy bear.

Sam: [Tom was so adorable that I couldn’t hold on my urge to do the same.]

Sam: *Hugs*

Sam: Were you reading my mind?

Tom: Haha…

Tom: *Kisses forehead* Let’s go to the showers now.

[We went into the shower room and cleaned ourselves, but during the middle of it…]

Tom: *Hugs waist*

Sam: Ngh? Tom? What are you doing?

Tom: *Blushes and looks away*

Sam: *Sigh* What am I going to do with you….

Tom: Wait… we really need to stop wasting water though….

Sam: (????) You were the one who wanted it but now you ruin the moment?

Tom: U-uhhh…

[I put my finger on Tom’s lips to silence him. He was ruining the moment and frankly, I didn’t want him to.]

Sam: Ssshhh…. That doesn’t matter right now~~~….

[I went down and presented my butt to Tom. The water was still running but we couldn’t care less.]

Sam: Put it in~~..

Tom: *Gulps* Alright..

[I could feel Tom going inside of me. His penis was massive.]

Sam: Nnnnghhh~~~….. o-oh wow~~…..

[My cheeks tingled as he put it in deeper and deeper. My penis twitched as it grew at a rapid rate.]

Sam: Oooh~~… no matter how many times you put it in me~~….

[I grew an erection as stiff as a board. I moaned as Tom reached my prostate once more.]

Tom: W-wow…. That’s really sexy Sam…..

[I wasn’t really a narcissist so I was quite happy to hear him say that.]

Sam: I-is that so~~~?…. Thank you Tom~~~…..

[Tom began to thrust as I moaned in pleasure. Little did I know he was about to do something unexpected and extreme.]

Tom: *Fondles Sam’s breasts*

Sam: H-huh~~~??! M-my breasts~~?…

[Just as I was about to speak, a wave of pleasure hit me, as I was being stimulated in two places at once. I didn’t tell Tom yet at the time, but my breasts, like my penis, were extremely sensitive.]

Sam: Ooooogh~~~~~~!!!

[My head and clenched hands went up in pleasure. Leaking quite a bit, but not that noticeable due to the shower, my penis twitched from the double stimulation.]

Tom: So… I guess you’re telling me it worked?

Sam: Hnnnghh~~~….

[It felt incredible. I wanted more of it, but I didn’t want to say it out loud. But my mouth moved on its own.]

Sam: G-Give me more~~~~…..

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