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George and Elsie have new neighbors.
The New Neighbors
WC 276

Why are Elsie and I sitting in our darkened living room, you ask? Well, we are checking out a situation that Elsie found suspicious. As you can see, I am manning the high-power telescope, and she is overseeing the listening device.

Please don’t misunderstand. My wife and I are not nosy parkers, just protective of our neighborhood. Our new next-door neighbors moved in yesterday; something seems off about them. At least that’s what Elsie thinks. We have yet to meet them.

We have to stop them, George!”

Stop them from what? I haven't a clue, but I'm not about to argue with my wife. She must have heard something with her listening device.

“I think we should call the police!”

“Why Elsie? What did they say?"

“No, not yet George. Never mind. We don't have enough to make it stick.”

“Well, what did they say?”

“It was more their tone than their words.”

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my wife. Having said that, I do realize she's a bit unhinged. We have been married for forty-seven years and I've learned to deal with it.

Now the cops, on the other hand…

I must be very careful what I do next. What is that saying? Don't poke the snake. Anyway, I don’t want to add to my wife’s agitation.

“Honey, how about a nightcap?” I think that might calm her down.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

As you can see, I am pouring two glasses of sarsaparilla, and now I’m handing the one with the knock-out drops to my wife.

Shhh! Please let it be our little secret. Until the morrow, I bid you adieu.
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