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They come in peace and they come with love.
Deep down in the desert,
Where I've made my home,
I saw the lights in the sky
I saw them dancing and coming,
It wasn't the stars,
It wasn't the moon.

They came down in peace,
They came down with love,
To show me mankind,
From the view above.

Showing me how to be living,
In peace and love, free and crazy,
There ain't no reason or rhyme,
And the problems we face
Are just the problems we make
They're just beautiful problems
Like a beautiful movie.

They told me all the fear,
Is just the fear in the mind,
The worry is just the worry
That's inside your own mind.
The world inside your head,
Is the world you're living in,
But ain't the world you're waling in.

We're all just dreamers walking,
Sleep walking in the night,
We're all just dreamers dreaming
Our own little dreams.
It all seems real, it all seems solid,
But it ain't the world you're walking in,
It ain't the world you're really in.

They came down in peace,
They came down with love;
The little grey men,
Who live in the world above.
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