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An image inspired response - picture a full moon on a dark night.
Moon Struck

Forsooth, Full Moon, what tempted thee
to interfere with Destiny.
My Journey, plotted in advance,
precluding any routes for Chance,
began as planned that summer night
until the Sun shut down its light.
And I, it seems, became absorbed
by workings of your mystic orb.
Distracted by your dream-like spell,
the details do not serve me well.
I know not when or where I paused,
or what, if any, Chaos caused.
When came the waking of the Dawn,
those hours of my journey gone,
my Conscience roused, a bit alarmed
and grateful I’d endured unharmed.
I found myself amidst a field,
some Daffodils its only yield,
alas my plans too late to keep
I cleared a bed and fell asleep.

Still to this day I’m haunted by
your wherewithal to stupefy.
And though I vowed to venture more,
because of you, I also swore:
thus forth I’d schedule naught to do
when Earth’s betwixt the Sun and you.

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