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A Sneak Preview Article About My Upcoming Kindle Vella Series!
In September of last year, I joined a brand-new online platform called Kindle Vella; the very first Kindle Vella series that I have done was a little collection of fantasy stories called The Adventures of Miss Merlyn. I followed that up in the spring of this year with another Kindle Vella series called Great Tales From The Bible.
And now, yours truly is cooking up another Kindle Vella treat, both as a way to celebrate my first year of joining this platform and to get you all excited for what's to come: Starting this fall, get ready for mystery and adventure as Miss Merlyn's two sisters, Pearl & Mari, star in their very own Kindle Vella series called (what else?) Pearl & Mari! This Kindle Vella series is a spin-off of my previous one, The Adventures of Miss Merlyn, and it centers around the two sisters of the famous magic mermaid, Miss Merlyn, and their adventures in solving mysteries involving certain objects that they find; of course, these two mer-sisters are not going to be alone in this new Kindle Vella series: They will be joined at times by either a fantasy creature or someone that has to do with the object that Pearl & Mari finds.
Be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 5th, because that is when the first episode of the series will debut for free, and for the next two weeks there will be other episodes in which you can read for free; after that, the only way that you can read future episodes of Pearl & Mari will be to purchase 200 free Kindle Vella tokens that you can use to unlock those future episodes! You can learn all about that by going to Kindle Vella's website at this link right here: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella

It sure looks like it is going to be another great adventure for me in the world of Kindle Vella in terms of creating this new series; I very much hope that you folks will have the time of your lives reading Pearl & Mari when it makes its debut on October 5th, 2022! This great new Kindle Vella series is surely going to be a treat that no one should ever miss!
Remember to mark your calendars for the debut of my newest Kindle Vella series yet, Pearl & Mari, on Wednesday, October 5th with the first of three FREE episodes! Learn more about getting 200 free tokens to unlock future episodes by going to Kindle Vella's website at this link right here: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella
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