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by fyn
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Holding it together


We are stuck--
as in together like
three-day-old yolks
on the flat of the dish,
like super glue,
and your very first wish.
We are stuck--
like gum on the soul of a boot,
like a rusty socket
or an argument
where the outcome is moot.
We are stuck
like a warped dresser drawer,
painted-over window,
or a creaky old door.

We are stuck
together, as in
joined at the hip,
one rootbeer float--
two straws and one sip.
We are stuck
as promised years ago
when we said that we'd stick
and we've made it so.
We are stuck
together, two bodies, one heart.
thirty-five years
since we made our start.
We are stuck
with each other
in the best kind of sticking
as the years race by with
an hourglass ticking,

We are stuck
and I hope
it's for many more years-
not ready to dissolve,
not ready for tears.
The stickiness that holds us fast
cements our now,
cements our past.
We are stuck
in our rut in the best of ways
and I'll happily stick here
til the end of my days.
We are stuck together
as it says in my ring--
we shall stick together
through everything.

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