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this is kinda the way it goes with drugs,,, where I'm from anyways
what's this
this is hash
its harmless everybody smokes it
it's cool everybody smokes it

hash isn't cool enough now
we're gonna try e,s now
these are great wow
ahh I have something better
here try this

take a sniff
oh my god that's amazing
I feel untouchable on this
yea, you might not feel that way tomorrow tho
but come to me ill sort you out

good morning here try this
what's this?
its heroin
Nah don't worry you won't get addicted
you have to take it more than twice
oh my god that was really nice
have you got more
yes I have more
close the door
I don't feel well
you need more
now you are trapped just like me

the end.
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