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by Jenni
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Daddy being home turned from joy to me being scared
''Daddy's Home!''

Written by Jenni Bailey

Once a upon a time, I loved hearing ''Daddy's Home!" But there came point in my life, where I got scared that Daddy was home. When Daddy was home, it meant I was going to get disciplined by him because my stepmother used his presence to scare me. My stepmother would start to talk with me about issues, but then, she would say ''let just wait for your dad to get home'', she would say this when, I feel, she didn't like the answers I was giving her.

Daddy brought the discipline, but the reality was my stepmother ''wore the pants'' in the family. I don't know who or what was worse? Both were equal. The issues that were brought to attention, didn't need such discipline, they needed care and love. Daddy didn't provide this! I was so relieved to not see Daddy's truck in the driveway, but the threat of him coming home to discipline me, was always there!

When his truck was in the driveway, it brought up fear. I felt I had to ''prepare myself'' for anything. Why should a daughter fear her Daddy's presence? A parent is suppose to provide love and care in the home.( Discipline is okay, but not to the point children are scared of the parent.) Ever since the estrangement Daddy and I has taken place, I've wanted to be the person not coming home. That day came at age 18.

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