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Howling at the Full Moon in Bangkok for Daily Flash
Howling at the Full Moon in Bangkok

Sam Adams was feeling blue, down on his luck. He went to his favorite watering hole, the Cosmos Bar in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, and began drinking up a storm with his buddies, Jack Daniel's, Johnny Walker, Old Granddad, Evans, and Jim Beam, telling the comely barmaid, Kuhn Lek, bring me one scotch, one bourbon, and one beer. Drinking it all down, barely noticing the naked ladies dancing on the stage. She smiled sadly, knowing that there was nothing that would change his mood. He kept drinking until, at last, he was twenty drinks too sober. Then he ordered fried fish Thai style for his midnight dinner.

He looked up and out at the street, noticing the full moon outside. The full moon shed its lunatic light on the streets of Bangkok. Sam Adams stood up, and said,

“the moon is full tonight. Let's go out and howl at the moon. “

He ran outside onto the road, stripping naked and dancing waving a feather, as he howled like an escaped banshee at the dancing moon. Inspiring others to join him in howling at the moon. He ran down the street and was run over by a drunk bus driver, ending his life as the moon continued to shine on the mad scene.

Prompt for 8/13
Write a story that includes the words: feather, road, fish
Have fun!
Prompt for 8/12
Write a story that includes the line: “The moon is full tonight.”

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