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Flash fiction about a young boy whose birthday wish come true with frightening results.
The birthday boy sat alone in the darkened room that had once been a kitchen. The table remained, and so did the cake sitting atop its surface. A single lit candle flickered in the blackness. The other seven had already been extinguished. And with each expired flame, more of the world disappeared.

The birthday boy didn't mean for it to happen, but it did anyways. But his parents yelled at him in front of his guests and it made him mad. So he made a wish and blew out the first candle.

He wished his parents away and it happened. Chaos followed. Guests screamed. The sound was loud and the birthday boy couldn't take it, so he made his second wish.

He wished for the party guests to disappear also.

They did.

Silence, worse than the screams. An empty accusatory house that the birthday boy could not stand.

Another wish, another piece of the world gone.

The neighborhood noticed when the house blinked out of existence. The birthday boy had to make that go away too. Another candle, another wish. another flake of reality snatched away.

Blackness surrounded him then, but on the horizon, past the dark border which once marked the town's edge, he could see the light of creation.

So the birthday boy wished for uncreation, and it was so.

On the next to last candle, the birthday boy wished away everything save for himself, the table and the cake. He could not confirm that his wish had been granted, but he knew it had been, just as all the others. He also knew he made a grave miscalculation.He didn't like the dark, the loneliness. It had been fun at first, but now he wanted it to end. With his last candle, he tried to undo his work, to wish back into existence all that had disappeared. The flame flickered, danced, but did not die.The wish was null and the birthday boy realized his power only worked in one direction.

The birthday boy, wept, and he sang Happy Birthday to himself. A small voice swallowed up in the silence of oblivion. And then he made his final wish. The flame flickered into nothingness. And so did the boy.

Prompt: Write a horror story about a birthday party

Word Count 387

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