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by Jenni
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I regret what I didn't say or do with grandparents
At Your Gravesites

Written by Jenni Bailey

Your gravesites are beautiiful
It represents who you were, and now, your souls
I cry, hoping you hear me
I want to talk to you, I can't let you be

I don't want to just see the gravesite
And see the Grounds Keeper in the sunlight
I don't want to just see you in the photos on the marker
I don't want to sit alone when it gets darker

I don't want to take pictures next to yours
Regret, not wanting to leave, wanting you, it just pours
I want to conversate with you two
Do my words and thoughts go to you?

I miss you two so much
I want to be able to feel your touch
I hold you close, and even closer at night
And hope when I look out the window, it's your Light

It's still feels like yesterday you died
It's so real, years have passed, and I've cried
I'm very sorry and full of sorrow
I've wasted all the tomorrows

At your gravesites, notes with tape aren't enough
I should've known what was...your love
I'm crying over the things I should've said and done
Even though, I feel you two heard my apologies, my tears still run

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