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This is a Strange Place For Daily Flash
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Sam Adams was a paranormal researcher for the Cosmos Institute based in Berkeley, California. They considered themselves the real X files and worked for various governmental and other institutions. No story was too outrageous. They believed that the truth was out there-really out there. They mostly uncovered hoaxes, scams, and grifts, but once in a while, they uncovered things that could not be explained. These x files made great stories, and Sam and his buddies were dreaming of writing a movie based on their exploits.

One of the strangest events they ever encountered took place in the small Oregon town of Eagle Creek outside of Medford, Oregon, 20 miles north of the California border. Sam Adams had grown up there and had family in the area.

One day he heard that his Uncle had died and left him some property, an old, abandoned farmhouse rumored to be a haunted house where cultists conducted secret rites.

He went to Oregon with his two workmates, Maria Kim and Jason Lee, who were a couple, and his best friends. They got to town, met Sandra the realtor, got the key, and went to the house at sunset. The realtor told them,
“I’ve lived here all my life, but that is a strange place you inherited. Be careful.”

They got out and looked around

Sam said,

“This is a strange place.”

They decided to spend the night in town, but Sam wanted to stick around a bit longer so Maria and Jason went to find Oregon beer, wine and kombucha, and food, and they would dine al fresco in the park down the street.

When they got back shortly after sunset, they found the house and Sam was missing. There was just a big hole in the ground where the house had stood.

Prompt for 8/15 Write a story that includes the Line, "I've live here all my life."

Prompt for 8/14

Write a story that includes the line: “This is a strange place.”

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