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Ideas for Writer's Cramp

19 lines

The best ideas for a poem
Or story or novel,

Stems from my dreams
For I don’t dream dreams
I dream movies
Filled with music, action, and scenes.

Crazy people doing crazy things
The scent of bad craziness prevailing
In my inner dream world.

Then the lightbulb of cosmic inspiration
Lights up my skull sweat
Like inception lost in my dreams.

And I wake up
To write down the idea
That my muse has unveiled.

During my nighttime revels.
In the other realm
Of my dream world.

The great Aristotle said ideas floated in the air and were caught by a person's mind when a good one floated by. Imagine ending a year's worth of writer's block with a great idea for a novel coming into your head.

Write a story or poem about The idea. Where did it come from? How will it be developed into a story?

Don't forget to bold prompt words when requested.
Include the following words in bold

skull sweat
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