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Soldiers' Lives are challenging to say the least. Soldiers give up so much to protect us.
Days away from those they love.
When they're home a cloud's above.
Duty fits them like a glove.

Hurry up, and wait awhile.
Shots are fired t'ward rank and file.
Working hard to find a smile.

Living life by each command,
not by what they understand.
Higher-ups by choice have planned.

Being like the ones before,
checking ev'ry hole and door,
cautiously new ground explore.

Nomad life, protecting home.
Hair so short, no need for comb.
Bivouac, but never roam.

When the discharge papers come
days of life may still be some,
Freedom still may feel the thumb.

Hopefully, the fam'ly's here
still with love to cherish dear
those, who served, and kept from fear.

Sometimes soldiers live alone,
far from peers in pain they groan,
questioning the seeds they've sown.

Let us help them, now, be healed,
safe from mortared battlefield,
giving life, that hope can yield.

Cherished gifts of nation sweet,
soldier's needs we now must meet,
that the Lord one Day will greet.

Line Count: 30

by Jay O’Toole
on August 18th, 2022

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