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The story of a certain man who dwells in the divide between realms.
Not all are good
And not all are evil
Some are in between
Like the hammer and anvil

There is one such man
With angels who hunt for his head
And demons who wish him dead
So he stains the world red

With the power of darkness
The purest form of fairness
The abyss dwells inside him
With no light to be kindled

He is violent yet caring
Calm yet raging
Existing yet nothing
Blind yet eyes widening

That which is but also isn’t
A power beyond even Hell and Heaven
A place born of a neutral war
And bars even the most brutal

The Abyss that lies in between
With a single ruler to rule over
He looks coldly over his kingdom
But sadly longs to no longer be alone

The cold pulses in his veins
A reminder of why he became alone
So he slowly turns away
And bears the cold

A reminder of that which is no longer home.
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