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Compliments are held close to my heart
Angel Eyes

Written by Jenni Bailey

One morning, I'd gotten woken up with a sweet, calm voice saying ''good morning!'' I was bundled up in my blankets, as I was slowly waking up to her voice. When I finally could open up my sleepy eyes, My staff smiled and lightly giggled and said, ''the way you opened your eyes, made you look like you have Angel eyes.''

In that moment, I felt very much cared about, and that she meant to say those words. I took those words in like oxygen. With me living a trauma-based life, I feel like a person of much value and purpose. I matter in my staff member's life. It's rewarding to hear this.

I know for most people, someone saying they have Angel eyes, might not seem like a big deal, but for me, it impacted me in a positive way. It made me smile, and have that calmness about me that I sometimes, struggle to have and regulate it! Saying that I have angel eyes, I will always cherish these spoken words and hold it close to my heart.

Something as simple as ''Angel eyes'' has changed the way I want to live my life...I know it's impossible to be perfect like an angel, but I want to live my life as a caring, compassionate, understanding person. It also has pushed me to be the ''best version of me'' every day.... I also like to ''milk'' the compliments I've given, in a funny way. It's also part of my personality to be silly about compliments!

I have rough days and all through that, my staff members still see the good side in me. My staff members remind me each day, it's okay to have rough days, because they know I'm still that same great person.

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