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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2279045
Recovery ~ It starts with the fall.

Dim lights and sticky floors

Recovery ~ It starts with the fall.

It has been at least a half-hour since the lights became bright again. The music has stopped, and the stage has become empty. A massive giant of an individual is herding the remaining customers from the nightclub. The club named "The Birds Nest" is closing. The amount of smoke becomes visible with the lighting and hangs like a fog. The thick air resembles air from a battlefield. The last patron walks to the stage and attempts to talk to the previous dancer on stage. He mumbles something and stumbles toward the door. As he walks, his shoes stick to the floor that has been showered with warm beer and cigarette ashes.

The wind blows cold as a man waits, alone using the telephone post as a brace, a crutch needed to remain standing. The street that was brightly lit by blinking neon signs is now dark. The only light available originates from a few dim streetlights. The darkness matches the mood of the man against the post.

Dressed in old blue jeans, a pullover jersey, and an oversized green parka, the person watches the door and anticipates her departure from the Nest. He is slightly below average height and well over average weight. His rotund shape is a far cry from his physical appearance 20 years ago.

He reaches into his pockets and begins to count his money. Within the few dollars are two credit card charge slips. It has been an expensive night in more ways than one. It will all be worth it, if and only if...

The red door opens behind the man, and a crowd leaves the building. The huge bouncer is escorting a number of the dancers. His last function of the night ensures the girls get into their cars or cabs. The last thing he needs or wants is to see someone waiting by the door.

The girls, now fully dressed, do not even acknowledge the heavy-weight man waiting, even as he attempts to make conversation. This is just the opposite of how they reacted toward him earlier. Has that much changed?

The waiting man thinks back, what has happened? He tries to recall the day's events but has difficulty cutting through the fog. How did he get here, and more importantly, why? He begins to walk back to his hotel as his memory recovers.

He had departed for a walk in an attempt to reduce his waistline. The "Bird's Nest," sometimes called the dirty bird, appeared in his path. He knew what was there; is this why he elected to walk in this direction? He could have as quickly walked in the opposite direction, taking him toward the local K-mart. Did he intend to be here?

He remembers walking into the Nest and thinking of the entertainment, half-naked women dancing to exotic music. Not the type of music he would typically listen to, but then again, young women will not dance to his favorite music half-naked or otherwise. Feeling comfortable, he figures that he stays a few minutes and recalls the old days, the days before he quit drinking. Just a coke or two before he continues his exercise would be alright.

He knew better than this! No one was fooled as he ordered his coke. It was only a matter of time before the fall from the wagon. Why? The fall from grace is and will always be a hard one. Sometimes the people with the most to lose do not realize what they have. This is the story of such a man.

Word Count 605

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