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this is a horror book. All of the characters are minors. viewers are warned.
Chapter one - The Shadows

It was cold, but not too cold. It was dark, but not too dark. It was one of those days where the whole day was gonna be good, or even possibly bad. So many people, but only two opinions on the one subject.

Let's start with the youngest. A young girl. She thinks she's 8 but no one knows her real age. Not even her siblings would know, if they were alive. When she was around 9 months old, there was a devastating fire in her home. She wasn't there. She was at a family's friend's house. For what they said was a play date when really they were saving her from a man she did not know.

After the day her house had burned, her family never returned. She was never named. Well, she was but her name was on the paper that also marked her birth. She never knew her real name, but she didn't care and she knew that even if she did know her name, everything would still be the same. Everyone called her Ann, but she called herself Annabell. She claims to have heard bells the day of her family's demise, but she was so young so everyone thought they were lies.

Next is a boy. He's a simple young lad. At least from first glance he is. He is an orphan too, but no one knows where he got his gloom. It is said that his parents died right before he had his first cry. They died before he was named, so old aunt May gave him his name.

The way his parents died is still unknown, because no bodies of them were ever shown. People say he is lucky, but he thinks he's just like his uncle Bucky. Bucky is an old soul. He claims to be the boy's uncle, but he knows that when he was young he was sold. He was bought to do farm work for the man. He told the boy that he was his uncle so then no one would know that the boy was actually bought.

Bucky technically doesn't have custody over the boy. The person who has custody of the boy was old Aunt May. His real aunt. She soon bought the boy from the man who called himself Bucky. Bucky later was put in prison for the murders of 30 young boys. The boy was named Lucas. He liked the name. It was said to be his fathers name.

Our next young person is a young boy named Jack. He had a brother but he hasn't met him so far in his short life. Jack's family left him and his brother with no name on the side of the road. Jack crawled into a field that was nearby.

His brother was taken by a strange man who pulled over on the side of the road. Jack heard the man say–

"Hi there lil one. My name is Bucky. I'm gonna be your new uncle."

Bucky. The same Bucky that was put into prison a few years later for murdering 30 young boys.

Later in life Jack found his old Aunt May. He completely forgot about his brother. He soon found out that the person who had his brother bought him soon after taking him to a hospital to make sure he was healthy. His brother's name was Lucas.

Our last young person is a young girl named Luna. It is said that she was named after the moon. She was born and grew up in a loving family in an average community, she lived without worry until she was about 6 years old, but at that point everything changed.

She lost her sisters in a freak fire and was neglected by everybody. All alone she had to survive in an odd world. But with her fighting skills and intrepidness, she managed to battle the elements and keep ahead of the curve. This has turned her into the young girl she is today.

As our story officially begins more and more beautifully frightening young people will emerge into the lives of our main beautifully scaring young people.
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