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Providing Self-care is important!
Sympathy and Staying Strong

Written by Jenni Bailey

I am an adult with Cerebral Palsy, and when I was growing up, my Father told me ''stop feeling sorry for your yourself''. I guess, in his mind , it made a person weak, and make it look like the person was ''looking'' for sympathy. All through my childhood and in parts of adulthood, I was made to believe sympathy towards yourself was not a good way to live life.

To my surprise, I slowly realized, that ''feeling sorry'' for myself wasn't unhealthy at all. Staying strong was actually harming how I looked at my life situation, not making it better! I've learned, if I feel I'm going to breakdown, do it for 15-20 minutes, have ''my moment'', get it out. Then when I feel calm enough, wipe my tears, take a few deep breaths, and pick up where I left off. Giving myself permission to breakdown has helped me so much!

I cannot ''stay strong'' ALL THE TIME. I believe it makes me weak, I will eventually, fizzle like pop, and explode. It's okay to allow myself to say ''I have a hard life.'' Breaking down and feeling sorry for myself allows myself to understand ME. When I have the correct support, AND I DO, it also helps the level of my breakdown. I will no longer listen to people telling to not feel sorry for yourself, because they don't know what's best for me...I DO!

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