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by Sumojo
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Poem about writing stories with surprising endings
I’d love to write a story
One that you’d never guess.
The ending, will be gory,
A shocking, surprising, mess.

I love to hear that gasp, “Oh no!”
I never saw that coming. Did you?
Yes, I thought as much, although,
He did his best to fool you.

He’s messing with my mind,
With all those twists and bends.
Leading down those allies blind,
With clues that show dead ends.

A well known master of the twist
Is what I’d love to be.
You didn’t know the antagonist
Killed, using the fruit of a poisonous tree?

What? You didn’t see that coming?
You really thought it was the maid?
I find that very comforting
You followed the paths I’d laid.
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