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by Sumojo
Rated: E · Poetry · Writing · #2279569
A poem about violence behind closed doors
“He’s a lovely guy. Good to his wife and kids.”
The man you trust in movies and in books.
The hero, someone, strong and fair. But at home forbids.
Nice smile, good features. People like his looks.

Outside the home. Upon the streets,
Old ladies he assists.
He’s nice to everyone he meets
His personality he twists.

His wife denied the life she had envisioned.
Protects herself and hides her feelings.
In her home she is imprisoned,
Waits for signs of bruises healing.

He’s the baddie in disguise
In every film and play.
He is the one that brings surprise
“Villain? You never would have guessed,” they say.

You long for his discovery,
And turn the pages faster.
Praying his skullduggery’s
Revealed for ever after.

20 lines
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