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A little poem, day dreaming
I wander invisible.
And steps are inaudible.
Only a light haze of perfume remains.

From the review by Annette:
"As raving fan of fairies, I am so happy that I came across your fairy
poem. Every single word you use fits the essence of fairies perfectly.
Invisible, inaudible, light haze ... it all works together like a perfect symphony."

From the review by Zeke:
"I guess you are a fairy. I wonder where you go from here."

From the review by Elephantsealer :
"A little fairy" tells us of the thoughts expressed by a poetry writer.
As a reviewer, I followed the line of thoughts, and surely, I found it
interesting... Maybe we shall read more of this writer's thoughts...?"

From the review by CodyisHere02:
"Short, but good, in my opinion. Not an expert on poems. In Italy,
there was a poet who wrote really short, beautiful poems. One of his
works is literally a ONE-SENTENCE poem. There is a reason why
he is one of my favorite poets: his poems are really easy to remember. "

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