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Having this name isn't bad to me
Black Sheep

Written by Jenni Bailey

I'm the black sheep
The reason is too deep
My trauma, I spoke it to the depth
I knew things were different, but hard to accept

My CP, alone, makes me one
I don't want to, but I truly believe
It's why my Dad became ''undone''

I've tried so hard to fit in,
But, as a kid, how could I?
I wasn't even comfortable in my own skin

Now, as an adult
I'm being taught that it's not my fault
I'm also okay with the name ''Black Sheep''
I'm not ready to put it to sleep

I've found comfort in the dark coat
''Black Sheep'' language is seen in things I wrote
It has made feel safe...why?
The reason makes me cry

For my sake, I can't care anymore
I need to leave indifferences at my door
I feel my family hates me
The things I went through, they refused to see

I feel I wasn't seen for the person I am
I feel, when I was born, I was a ''black lamb''
I was different from the start
But, I have the same-shaped heart

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