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The birth of my writing
Laboring, birth pains imprisoned within
Awaiting disclosure a first word to pen
Moving in rhythm, hands seeking a key
To unlock unfound pleasure a new world to see

I ponder and wonder what is on the outside
I eagerly await a different sentence to write
In darkness I look for a symbol or sign
That lets me know once and for all when it's time

I long to inspire to share and express
What it means to be present, alive and blessed
To help others with questions, answers finding
In the pages of a book which ever is unwinding

The birth of an infant what joy to make known
The scribble for sages to interpret unbound.
Thank you God for the birth of words yet unseen
The beauty for all ages in flesh so serene

The word made made flesh has come to my home
Revealing that I and all persons are nonlinger alone
Thank God for the message that speaks of such grace
I can not wait to hold the babe in tender embrace

There are words for all eternity longing to arrive
Hope for life beyond death, so glad to be alive
I rejoice in a song that is stored in my lungs
May all who know the Word ever be young

I am so glad gave me ability to put thoughts on paper
To share fertile emotions about love for a savior
One day my life will be done, may my words lead to heaven
The unsaved and the lost now revelling foreverl
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