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A Dreamer makes her dream come true
Dreamer Vivian

Vivian held her dreaming license up in disbelief. She had spent the whole summer vacations in troubled sleep to obtain it, and the dark circles under her tired eyes on the license photograph attested of that fact. The receptionist who had given her the licence was twirling her hair while texting to a friend when Vivian whispered a thank you, and she barely nodded and raised her bored gazed to her as an answer, but Vivian was still the happiest Dreamer Newbie in the world.

Then, she danced all her way back home to devour an enormous bowl of bircher muesli before falling asleep the whole day. When she was woken up by her mother around 10:00 the following day, she felt terrible, because despite sleeping so much, she had not been met by a single glimpse of dream. How was she supposed to find her Fated if she wasn’t dreaming?! Her mother reassured her, telling her that she just needed rest after all this dreaming for a whole month, and that it would only help her to dream better, if she was always so set on finding her Fated.

That last sentence ticked Vivian off. Off course she was always so set on finding her Fated. When she thought of her first dreams of him, she could only remember the peaceful warmth and sweet longing he incurred in her. Though she was never able to see him completely due to her dreaming power being so pitifully weak, which had hardened the task of getting her license, she knew the best thing that could possibly happen to her was to find him. It didn’t matter how far in the universe he was; she would get to him as soon as possible.

Her parents were aware of her convictions, and they didn’t trust her dreams so much. What if the Dreamworld had just shown the fantasy she yearned for? What if she failed to ever find him and lead a frustrated, lonely life? And what if, most worrisome hypothesis, she found him, but too late, much too late… and travelled dimensions through the Dreamworld, a one-way trip, only to find a grumpy married man as her Fated?

Finally, despite they would never admit it, they were probably reluctant to lose their precious daughter forever to an unknown dimension and man. They argued that many Fated Dreamers had lived perfectly fine without even attempting to find their Fated, but she could only think of such people as scum. How dare they neglect their Fated, who were probably waiting for them in return.

She had been so upset by her mother’s words that instead of reading another chapter of the book her mother was currently forcing her to read, she directly went to sleep, or rather to Dream. For someone who had been trying to successfully pass the Dreaming License test for three years, like her, falling asleep was as easy as switching the lights off.

Soon, she found herself in the garden the Dreamworld had seemed to assign to her as a residence. She had never seen such a garden in real life, only ever in films, yet as long as she could remember, even before she started lucid dreaming, this was a familiar place for peace and for the rest of the mind. Every dream started there, on the bench of the greenhouse. It was her own piece of the Dreamworld, but the Dreamworld was infinite, and to go explore further than simply her garden, she needed her license. At some point in her garden, reality seemed to disappear, and further on, she was walking in emptiness.

That was where the Gate stood. All the discovered Gates in the world were guarded by license-checkers; it was on rare occasions that Vivian was able to cross a Free Gate illegally. These gates were supposed to be reported to the Dream Control department, but most Dreamers liked the idea of keeping Free Gates open to unlicensed Dreamers, or simply lucky normal people who somehow happened to find their way in the Dreamworld despite never having been introduced to lucid dreaming, and eventually kept their mouths shut. Free gates were a blessing to Vivian, who hadn’t able to pass her license for so long because of her weak Dreaming Power, despite being more than qualified.

On the rare instances she had been met with Free Gates, she had set out to find her Fated, but had failed each time, so close of her goal, because despite having perfect Dream Control any respectable Dreamer would be in awe of, the amount of Dreaming Power her soul housed was so ridiculous that she woke up every time, before even reaching her Fated one, already visible as a hazy figure in the distance. These experiences delighted and despaired her. They set her heart alight with hope that she could attain her goal: she felt that sweet warmth of joy she longed for, and at the same time, she had found Him, she was so close, and the stupid randomly decided setting of Dreaming Power kept her away from Him.

The gates she reached were guarded. Of course: the talented Dreamers of some totalitarian planet called Asthma III were actively discovering and securising all the Gates they fell upon. Their mentality was so follow-the-rules, black-and-white, that most Dreamers from planets with a more open-minded culture hated them, hate which their off-putting squid-like faces didn’t lessen. And the gate at the end of her garden this time was coincidentally guarded by a pair of Asthma IIIans, fact which soured her merry mood, that her assuming from the hazy figures she’d seen of her Fated that He was a very handsome young man, probably not from another planet but another dimension of hers, had set.

She showed her license to the Asthma IIIans, and exchanged some curt thoughts with them. The Dreamworld was so practical. No need for words: sending thoughts, images, concepts, emotions to each other made communication between people from different planets and dimensions much easier. She was finally able to get past a regulated Gate, thanks to her license. Immediately, she was plunged in the chaotic atmosphere of DreamCity. From the bustling streets of DreamCity, you could get to any place you wanted… but much more easily if you had a license of course.

She needed a Dreaming Power strengthening potion. If she wanted to reach her Fated, she needed more Dreaming Power, which the potion would help with. It wasn’t unusual for people who didn’t care about Dreaming to sell their Power. It wasn’t exactly cheap; it could make some pocket money or some economies for the future. Now that she had her license, the 18-ish Vivian was finally able to buy a potion in exchange for a beautiful memory of her garden which was good enough to be auctioned for big bucks. She decided to keep it for later. It wasn’t like she would leave for her Fated’s world right when she’d meet him.

Now that she was nearing her goal with more certainty, she was getting more anxious and asking herself the same troubling questions as her parents.

She was now attempting to reach her Fated’s world. The warmth was… there! She ran to a fountain, an unusual door to another world. Once her feet were in the water, she waited and concentrated. Other world, Fated… she pictured her warm destination in her mind, and the DreamCity erased itself. The water fountain’s gurgling was growing dimmer. She blinked and she was sitting in a forest. Her body seemed faint; she was here only in spiritual form after all. The colours were amazing in this world! The skies were in a never-seen awfully pretty hue of blue, and the trees carried fuschia, violet and golden autumn dying leaves while the coniferous trees were as green as ever.

Just next to where she was sitting, a man she recognised was eating his picnic on a typical picnic blanket she was also on noticed her.
‘Miss Fairy!’ he exclaimed.
‘You must’ve met me many times, right?’ she smiled.
‘Met, I don’t know. I have seen you faintly, probably. All I know is I’ve been waiting for you!’ he stuttered excitedly.
Vivian was so glad to hear that. All her previous doubts disappeared. They were Fated; there was no use proposing, no use asking nor explaining. Everything would happen naturally if she left her world for his.
‘Then will you wait a bit more? I have to leave the ‘fairy’ world… to come to you once and for all,’ she asked, chuckling. The boy looked flustered.
‘Are you leaving right now?’ he squeaked back.
‘...’ Vivian felt that heavenly tasting warmth spread all over her body. ‘I’ll stay with you until I fade away in your arms!’
‘Can you?’ he cheered, seeming delighted.
And as if they had known each other forever, they cuddled together. They didn’t ask any questions about each other, because whoever they were, it didn’t matter.

When Vivian woke up the next morning, feeling healthier and happier than ever in years, she announced the great news to her parents. They were depressed, but had long prepared themselves for this depart. Together, they went through the legal steps for Vivian to change worlds and she immediately jumped into her bed in her best clothes and with a small luggage of her favourite things.

In her garden, Vivian drank her potion. This time, she was taking not only her soul but also her body with her in the Dreamworld.
The human Gatekeepers were surprised to let such a young woman through to change worlds, and reminded her to register as soon as she got there.
Then, Vivian jumped in the fountain and found herself the feet in a calm extremely shallow river, facing her Fated, who was fishing. Laughingly, he helped her out of the river, and from borders of this magical stream, they set out to Happiness.

In her world, in her room, her parents were crying happy and bitter tears in front of an empty bed.

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