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Spiritual perception, new light on chakras
( I am still working on this piece)

                                                                     Every fairy knows that the body is only
                                                                     her home which is in need of care.

                             Something sacred, forbidden, and dangerous.

         The word "chakra" came from Sanskrit and means wheel or spinning disk. There is a lot of very
accessible information about chakras. At the same time, exist an opinion that chakras are something
sacred, forbidden, and dangerous even to talk about.

                             Chakras as wheels of the clock.

         I will be using the term "chakra" purely symbolic without following the traditional view to a tee.
Imagine your body is the house with the clock. You have a face, hands and chakras as wheels of the clock.
And because they technically exist only in our consciousness and subconsciousness, they can rotate
becoming bigger or smaller, move back and forth, and even turn around. On the other hand, they can get
stuck one by one or some of them and do not move.

         According to yogis we have seven main chakras. In this description I want to mention two more
no less important. This is my explanation of how I would call them, and what those chakras are all about .

                             Personal values. Addictions.

         The first, Chakra of Personal values is located somewhere on the level of the reproductive organs. This is
the chakra of your personal space, your personal time, and what kind of relationship do you have with those whom
you let into your personal space.

                             Healthy Lifestyle

         The second, Physical Health Chakra is placed between a navel and reproductive organs. It's overcoming addictions
(alcohol, etc.), healthy eating and exercising that leads to a healthy body. This chakra is usually the easiest to set in
motion. Its rotation begins to affect other chakras. And suddenly a person notices that his life has changed amazingly.

                             An established paradigm. Knowledge and information.

         The sixth, Psychological Health Chakra is believed to be in the forehead. This is a personal attitude, your own
view and opinion, that paradigm or matrix, those coordinates that we choose. We often have to make decisions or judgments
in the absence of information. For example, is there life after death? Which paradigm we allow significantly
affects the actions of our rational mind.

                             A rational mind.

         Here we go to the fourth chakra - the Mental Health Chakra, which exists
at the level of the heart. Our rational mind makes rational decisions, but only within the established paradigm -
the picture of the world that we have allowed. And decisions will be rational precisely for this paradigm.
So, we think with the head, make decisions with the heart, and our emotions are in the throat.

                             The place where our soul and spirit meet.

         But this is already a transition to the fifth chakra - the Emotional Health Chakra.
All what we are doing in our live has a purpose to be happy, healthy, secure, and confident.
The Emotional Chakra is the place where our soul and spirit meet.

                             The world of spirits.

         The third, Social Health Chakra is considered to be on the level of the solar plexus.
It is probably the most difficult chakra to explain. The Social Health Chakra is about "how you take punches".
How you react to intrusive, disturbing, and offensive actions other people. How do you see those around you.
Do you see them only as physical souls or you can also feel a spirit in or around a person.
When a spirits are recognized they are disarmed.

                             To be self-sufficient means to be free.

         The seventh, Financial Health Chakra is presumed to be somewhere on the fist above our head. Even if you live in
a family with a large income, you must earn enough to be able to live independently and be self-sufficient. This includes
developing skills, taking advantage of favorable opportunities, build an experience and professional knowledge.

                              Like bike riding

         To ride a bike, you need to do the pedaling. The same with chakras, you have to do certain actions to make
sure your chakra's wheels are rotating.

From review by Princess Megan Rose :

Nicely written details and living inside a clock. That would be different. Creative and colorful with good imagery.
I was thinking of Alice in Wonderland. A good style and nice flair. Looks like you spent time with this and put some
thought into this. I enjoyed reading this.


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