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I know this has happened to you,
Treasure Hunt

Today I went on a treasure hunt
from the front yard to the back
the things I discovered there
would fill a gunny sack

underneath a blooming bush
I found a pair of pants
they were just lying there
upon a hill of ants

up in a big oak tree
I found a broken kite
my son tried to fly
in the middle of the night

back in the dark corner
of an old wooden shed
I found a lovely dolly
with a crooked head

in the back yard by the pool
I found a baseball hat
and when I picked it up
I found a baby rat

over by the picket fence
I saw a big red ball
I thought that I had finished
but that wasn't all

underneath the steps
I saw a shining face
it was my two-year-old
in his hiding place

pants, kites, hat, ball and dolly
are not treasures you say
they are to those who lost them
somewhere along the way

my treasure hunt is over now
as I turn to go inside
there is not a place left unturned
for anything to hide

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