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It's a poem so the judges can easily figure out which entries got together.
Prompt: Write something with the number 22 as a domanant theme, topic, or idea in honor of WdC's 22nd birthday celebration.
Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest -- Closes Oct. 2
Word/Line Count:

The number 22 is a double deuce.
No matter which way you add it,
It equals four; it's now time to even the score.
The terrible two's have won this round;
They did so with hardly a sound.

You're twice as lucky with 22;
It's now time to tie your shoe.
Your chances are doubled, don't you agree?
When you're partnered with someone like me.

Twenty-two chances to keep it alive;
Reckon it's time to do the jive.
Bask in the sun with your attire,
Baby, it's you that I desire,
You're the one I'd like to inspire.

Twenty-two brings out the beauty in you.
Your embrace lightens my load;
It makes me warm, instead of cold;
It makes me young, instead of old.

I remembered the day that I tried,
To make sense of the tears I cried;
I could understand it, when I was in love,
All of my emotions, I hid in my glove.

22 Lines

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, September 3, 2022

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