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a memory of high school
New classes, new pens *PenB*
Old teachers, old books *BookStack*
Jockeying for position
Defying the dirty looks *Angry*

"Not good enough" or "too good"*Crown*
The cliques do abound
Jocks, band, rebels, nerds *Football* *Cool* *Geek*
The labels go round and round

Finding a locker *Binoculars*
Figuring out the lock*Lock*
Finding the bathrooms :
Where the gaggles all flock

Where is English class?*Headbang*
Where is the gym? *Ball*
Where is biology lab?*Frog*
The thought of dissection, grim *Sick*

So lunch time comes *Apple*
The cafeteria is small
What is on my plate *Broccoli*
I don't recognize at all*FacePalm*

Now History, which I like *Smile*
Then Government, not so much *Smirk2*
Math, eh, meh, ok
with calculations and such*Calculator*

Ending the day with study hall *Reading*
A blessing, that I swear
Getting homework done at school *Writing*
Going home without a care. *Home*

28 lines - abcb rhyme format
Based on a memory of high school.

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Written for Writer's Cramp Sept for Sept 5
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