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Being thankful even during hard times.
Favor woke me up this morning for Grace, and Mercy was sent once again to fan me gently through the night and to wake me this morning! THANK YOU, LORD!

Not rich, but full of Grace and Mercy. Not poor, but surrounded by love. Not living in luxury, but have a roof over my head. AIN'T GOD GOOD!

It's cloudy, wet, and raining outside. Thank God for being dry, warm, and having a roof over my head. Life is not perfect, but it certainly does beat the alternative.

Times can be hard and frequently filled with disappointment, but God never fails, even when He doesn't come when you want Him to. When life serves you lemonade, know that ice tea is not always the perfect drink if you wish to develop a sense of variety.

When walking in the shadows of the most high, faith, hope, trust, and love might be the only way you will ever make it through. Know, with a certainty, that you are a child of God, and you will get through it all.

Nothing in life happens to you without God allowing it to happen. When things are truly not going your way, remember Job, who lost everything, but God returned his earthly things threefold when his trials were over.

Today is a new opportunity to walk out on your faith one step at a time, but if you just can't do it, and you need to get there anyhow, know that God will carry you!

Have a blessed and wonderful day while doing what you do and enjoying the rain. Because of the rain, flowers and trees grow!

Peace and blessings to you and yours now and always.
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