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A talk show with gender competition.
Lead the Show
By Shadowgate
13 year old Mark Phillips sat down in his living room to watch a game show. The game show he was going to watch went on the air six months ago and became popular in no time.
Mark turned on the television set and a commercial came on.
The narrator said "get yourself clean with Ultra Dolly Soap."
Then the game show came on.
"Hello ladies and gentlemen this is called Lead the Show and I'm your host Alfred Timbers."
"As always we have two contestants' one male and one female. We then ask who would be the dominant one in a relationship. Today we have Michael Hording who is 32 and he is a plumber from Birmingham Alabama. His rival contestant Pam Kyle is a 25 year old substitute teacher from Chicago Illinois."
Alfred goes on to ask "who would be the dominant one in a relationship. Michael you say you would lead is that correct?"
Michael replied "Goddamn right I'm the man and patriarchs rule."
Alfred asked Pam "would you like to respond to that Pam?"
Pam answered "I'm a substitute teacher. I take no bullshit. Just last week a kid tried to give me a no homework pass. I told him to go to the office for not having his homework."
The audience said "whoa."
Pam went on to say "I later found out the no homework pass he had was legit and the students are allowed to use one every six weeks. I'll tell you it sure felt good to send that kid to the office."
The audience booed and Mark slammed his hand down on the coffee table.
"That bitch!" Exclaimed Mark.
Alfred asked "did you later apologize to that student?"
Pam answered "no in fact later in the week I saw him in the hallway and I gave him a mean look. Then I told him I didn't care if those passes were legit and it felt good to send him to the office."
Mark became furious and yelled "fucking substitute!"
The audience gave mixed reaction and Alfred asked "well I would be willing to bet you got in trouble with the school higher ups."
Pam responded "no but after I called that boy a crybaby he flipped me off then he got in trouble."
Mark said "I would have flipped you off too you fucking cunt."
Alfred said "what do you think Michael?"
Michael answered "if a woman called me a crybaby she'd be crying with a bloody nose."
Alfred asked "Pam what do you think of that?"
Pam answered "when I date a man he's my bitch and all you motherfuckers should know that."
The audience says "whoa."
Alfred said "let's get some more comments from the audience."
A lady in the audience stood up and said "I'll bet Michael could make Pam suck his plumbing pipe."
The audience cheered and Mark laughed out loud.
Pam yelled "bitch I don't think so."
A man in the audience was next and he commented "teachers like you who abuse their power are fucking disgusting and I hope the parents of that boy you got in trouble come up to the school and deal with your ass."
Pam yelled "I'll deal with them I can do whatever the fuck I want to students."
The man screamed back "you're a fucking bitch!"
Pam flipped the man off.
Alfred said "okay we've got to cut to a commercial when we get back we'll find out for sure who would lead in this relationship."
Mark's mother Beatrice comes into the living room and asks him what he's been watching and he answered Lead the Show.
Mark's mother became furious and yelled "that game show is not suitable for children."
Mark yelled "I want to watch it!"
Beatrice yelled back "you're grounded for a week for watching that show!"
Mark yelled "Are you fucking kidding me?"
Beatrice said "2 weeks now!"
Mark hit the living room table in anger.

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