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by BB
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Being broken can be a beautiful thing
I may be broken,
But I'm not useless..

Don't count me out, nor
Render me hopeless..

At times I am weak,
Though still not helpless..

I'm more than enough,
So far from worthless..

Being a "broken" person, doesn't mean you should give up. It definitely shouldn't define you. And just because you consider yourself "broken", doesn't mean you should use it as a crutch. If anything, I believe you should use that brokenness, as a teaching moment to bless others. So being "broken", doesn't have to give you a bad name, and allow people to label you. Instead, show them that you're more than a lost cause.. and that it's okay to have scars, especially when you're "beautifully broken".

To be, beautifully broken, means that you will stop at nothing to succeed. You are fierce, and unstoppable. And no matter what comes your way, you'll never give up. Life is never easy, especially for those of us who are broken. We go through trial after trial, storm after storm.. but in the end, it only makes us stronger. We are fighters. Maybe because we have been through the unthinkable. We know how to navigate through the hardships, because we have lived in darkness. But our differences, our disabilities, our pasts don't define us. You are more than enough, and don't ever let anyone tell you any different. Embrace your brokenness, and your true self.. and if the world doesn't like it, well, that's quite alright. It's probably because society has a hard time accepting those who are different. Why? Because our beauty shines bright, making us stand out in the crowd. Therefore, they tend to get jealous, because their light is too dull. Just remember, you're beautiful just the way you are.
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