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Blogging Bastion Prompt 6
Blogging: is it an art or an informal essay? The dictionary defines blogging as writing on a website in an informal or conversational manner, but you can't just write anything in a blog, can you? The thoughts still need to be cohesive. The words must still educate and inspire. Your opinions still must be your own. And the topic cannot remain undetermined unless we want our readers to wonder what we're writing about. So, is blogging a true art form?

The short answer is: yes. But blogging isn't like writing literary fiction, mystery thrillers, or biographies; it may even be like a writer's training wheels because it's relatively easier than either of those genres.

Blogging is the art of thoughts. It's not a school essay or a research paper, so this art of thought is still yet different. This is the art of capturing our thoughts in a way that will draw people in, make them at home, and consider another perspective. In fact, it's the art of making the reader feel like they're sitting down with you at Starbucks with their favorite coffee and having an open-minded conversation with you, like an old friend. Can anyone blog? Certainly. But the best bloggers know how to capture their thoughts, put them down, and then retranslate, strengthen, kindle them, and then send them off into the world like fireflies, magical and tantalizing.

I blog to communicate my thoughts and opinions and lift people up with what I've learned. If you think about it, blogs are like a subtype of libraries, and our thoughts, our entries are the books and chapters on almost every topic you can think of. It's a library breathing with the thoughts of people from all over the world. Are all those thoughts good? That's subjective unless you're asking: are those thoughts cohesive, are they strong, determined, informed, and worded with intention? I blog because it gets the ink flowing and my thoughts going, and it's an exchange of ideas turned into art that requires less effort but is twice the fun. And though I say it's easier, it still requires effort, as all art does. The ease actually depends on this one question: can you turn your thoughts into fireflies?
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