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It's nearly 2 months after my 6th anniversary with WDC.So much to see, and do on the site.
To speak the depths of my deep heart
would take Eternity
for Christ has filled a greater part
than I can fully see.

Winnie Kay rapped my knuckles a few
to learn me some Comma Sense.
At times a punctuation "shampoo"
just needs a little rinse.

'Twas Carol St. Ann and her novel approach,
that led to bookish reviews.
I hope some day to fly more than coach
as a writer the readers will choose.

The Poetry-verse is the place where I live,
and Dave is our honored MC.
'Tis the Poet's Place Café, that I often do give
my best rhymes for him there for to see.

With this verse you can see, I am never averse
to send kudos, and blessings to all,
but reviewing's immerse to make better, not worse,
and that writers continue to call.

A new daughter has blest my dear writing days here.
Samberine Everose is now beyond words
for she honors my name with her kindness so clear.
'Tween heart and true blood the line's blurred.

Another sister is here in our family Above
LegendaryMask❤️isThankful relocated to newer home climes
gave Mississippi the slip, though she left you in love
now her Arkansas home has new chimes.

I do hope, my dear Sis, I've remembered the truth,
and that those are the places you've lived,
but if not we'll thank Mem'ry so much stronger in youth,
and the License, that Poetry doth give. *Wink*

Every morning we think of the Queen and her cup
as we toast to Lilli ☕️ 🧿 's health quite anon.
This poem she'll like, and approve it with, "Yup!"
but new fivers we'll need when they’re gone.

O, what more could I say of the Man, and his Bride,
The StoryMaster , The StoryMistress have laid
foundations, and walls, a roof with great pride,
and our writings to bring them hath bade.

This great party must end at the stroke of midnight,
but our joys and our dances increase.
Every day of the year is most comely and bright
when our writings give minds wondrous peace.

Where will end I this rhyme of this Writing.Com?
Let the rhythms take you through the site
to The Hub, and the Newsfeed, Newsletters and some
of the groups, and the forums each night.

Lest we quickly forget of our friendships on here,
search portfolios, reviewers, and blogs.
Keep Schnujo the front of your searchings. O Dear,
just missed 15 new posts, that she logged. *Wink*

Every writer has much to their world, now to say,
and the writing's like heartbeats, and prints
of our fingers, unique from Life's ends, and today.
Are you writing? Please, take this long hint.

by Jay O’Toole
on September 7th, 2022

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