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The silence calls us in
There is a place - far from where we live out our surface lives.
It writhes and screams as we walk slowly over the pock-marked surface.
Littered with ancient faded manuscripts we are all too blind to read any longer.
We walk the trash-strewn surface, searching for purpose in this place.
We've become disconnected and unsure where our next move is
Or should be.
We wander like ghosts, barely floating above the surface.

Hot like the summer heat
She breathes new life from inside of her
Like a sweet melody she surrenders to the vast ocean
And allows her thoughts and memories to spill out
Like ink from a bottle
Painting pictures upon the surface of the waves
Weaving a tapestry of silken fibres
So many colours that move together, rhythmically
They vibrate along with the gentle music that plays endlessly
To soothe the souls long departed from our lands.
They reside within us.
The trees, the oceans, the very ground we walk upon
Contains our ancestors.
Their wisdom.
Slowly eroding away over centuries
As the earth keeps turning,
The world spinning forwards in an endless circle.
Like a dance with time.

Their patience is everlasting as they gently prod us forward and pull our ears to the ground
Begging us to listen, to learn, to remember the times of old.
Long past what we have written in books.
Listen to the shared wisdom collected amongst all of our peoples.
Meant to be distributed in small parcels
To unwrap and untangle for want of a better world.
A place of belonging
A place of hope.
A place of peace and understanding.
There is no shame here.
No guilt.
No coercion.
Just honest and reassured emotions that spring from the very centre of our hearts.

A place that darkness cannot touch - it cannot penetrate this place.
This pinpoint origin of life from which our entire beings originated from.
Expanding outwards with tendril-like soft appendages which eventually form our bodies.
They move in silence across the surface of this place.
They call to me.
They call to us all to go within and find that point of light
The origin of time and space where it all began.
Where we all have connection in the after
In the beyond.
We will meet again once more
Without harshness or blame or pain.
Just a calm understanding and peace.
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